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A look into the Future: 5G

Everyone from cellular carriers to Smartphone companies wants you to know how great 5G will be. In the last few decades, wireless speeds have grown exponentially. The continuous progress of Wi-Fi speeds change the way we live, play, and work. As 2G...

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TOP 5 Parental Control Routers

Modern kids would probably feel lost when they are disconnected from the internet world. In fact, they spend more time online than anyone else-certainly more than adults. After all, they do everything online from entertaining themselves or...

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by eric clampton on Router Login Support
Very bad service
Tech Name: paul

very naughty guys

by Don Guerin on Router Login Support
Windows installation/ Network Printer Setup
Tech Name: Austin

services very good I was impress thankyou Austin

by Robert Suhar on Router Login Support
Linksys wifi Password
Tech Name: Austin

Austin was very nice and took care of my problem quickly. I am very satisfied with his support. Thanks

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