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Appleā€™s Bagel Emoji Changed After Social Outcry

Apple’s most remarkable crime in recent memory has been rectified! Yes, you heard right. The bagel emoji by Apple has been rectified after the social outcry. The bagel emoji by Apple has been changed after the bagel emoji controversy in which...

Feature loaded iPhone X: – Excellence At its Best

Apple has a huge track record of providing feature loaded iPhones. Recently brand new 3 iPhones have been launched by Apple Inc. It is the first time when Apple has chucked out iPhone 7S further series. It straightly Jumps onto iPhone 8 &...

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by Remi Fournier on Router Login Support
Tech Name: Max

Max was very patient and spoke English well. I wish your fees were in Canadian dollars as I am on a fixed income.

by Dale Hobby on Router Login Support
Technical Support
Tech Name: Max

Max was very helpful in getting the extenders up and running. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

by brent wiemken on Router Login Support
dlink firmware update
Tech Name: NIck/Marshal

these guys are the best ,!!!!!!!! fixed my problem got me back up to speed on my network . highly recommend will use in the future.

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