Apple’s Bagel Emoji Changed After Social Outcry

Apple’s Bagel Emoji Changed After Social Outcry

Apple’s most remarkable crime in recent memory has been rectified! Yes, you heard right. The bagel emoji by Apple has been rectified after the social outcry. The bagel emoji by Apple has been changed after the bagel emoji controversy in which commentators criticized the graphics of the emoji. The change in the emoji has been achieved by a fourth beta release of iOS 12.1. It appears that both cream and cheese have been added to the bagel emoji. The emoji has been changed to a more realistic graphic.

If you have not been following the bagel emoji controversy, you must be having a better way of spending your life. To catch you up quickly the bagel emoji by Apple was decried for the lack of cheese and cream like that of Android’s goofy cheeseburger which had generated the negative headlines previous year. Many of the social commentators thought that it looked like a bagel that has been bought from the local grocery store. Some of the commentators also said that the bagel without the cheese and cream looked like a sad bagel.The social outcry on bagel emoji by Apple suggested that people do feel on some level in some way.

Bagels are a Jewish bread originating from the communities of Poland. Bagels have a strong association with the New York City, thanks to polish immigrants from the late 19th century. The bagels are traditionally made by hand from yeasted wheat. Bagels are now popular in the North America region with a large Jewish population. Like other bakery products, bagels are available with all supermarket in the North America region. If we talk about the history of bagels, the ring design is hundreds of years old. The roll with a hole design allows easier handling, transportation and more appealing display for sellers.

After the newer version of bagel emoji by Apple, Apple will be adding 70 more emojis to iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The new addition of emojis will include characters with red hair, curly hair, black hair and etc. You will see the new emojis in the coming software updates on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Emojis are used all over the globe to communicate in a better way. After the bagel emoji controversy, Apple brings more characters to the iOS keyboards.Apple is working with the Unicode to add more emojis in the iOS keyboards in 2019.

Many of the people from the North America region signed a petition to get the bagel emoji by Apple changed with the one with cheese and cream. Huge polish population signed this petition and went with the Twitter poll which gave rise to the bagel emoji controversy.

So this article was all about the bagel emoji controversy that recently took place in North America. If you were also the one offended by Apple’s bagel emoji, rest easy as the emoji has been changed with the cheese and cream one. Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for the latest news.

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