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Feature loaded iPhone X: – Excellence At its Best

Apple has a huge track record of providing feature loaded iPhones. Recently brand new 3 iPhones have been launched by Apple Inc. It is the first time when Apple has chucked out iPhone 7S further series. It straightly Jumps onto iPhone 8 & surprised everyone by launching iPhone X. Apple iPhone X got launched rather than iPhone due to iPhones series 10th anniversary. Now, let’s take a look at iPhone newly launched Models. What attracting iPhone lovers to buy these phones or what’s not? Go through the features of iPhone X, so that you can make up your mind to upgrade your iPhone 7S or not.

Features of iPhone X


  •    Get ready to enjoy the sharpest display you can ever experience on iPhone. Apple iPhone this time opted for colorful 5.8 inch Super Retina OLED display over 2 million pixels.
  •    Impressive Video Playback.
  •    Edgy Screen that gives bigger view area.

Facial Recognition

Now make your face a password to unlock your iPhone. This is the beauty of the iPhone it has taken a step forward to phone security. Now, your phone has its unique lock recognition that you hardly get the chance to apply.

  •    Register your face with your Brand new iPhone X. So, next time when you unlock your phone, you only have to look at it.
  •    Apple iPhone X face ID feature uses 3-D imagery to give more security to your Phone.
  •    Your face 3-D image is more secure than your Fingerprints.


So, you love showing your emotions through Emojis? What if you can send exact Emoji that matches with your face impression?  Well, iPhone X has introduced all new Animoji.

  •    Now create a short slide of your emotions & send it to your loved ones.
  •    Show other what exactly you feel through these Animoji in just a matter of few seconds.

Wireless Charging

This time Apple iPhone X has given a big surprise to their worldwide users by supporting wireless charging.

  •    Now, say goodbye to slow charging. You can charge your iPhone from anyplace.
  •    Apple has already made arrangements for charging pads at everyplace so that you can charge your phone from anywhere.

All New Cameras

The Camera quality says a lot about the quality of Phone. Apple iPhone X comes with all new 12-megapixel wide-angle lens & second telephoto lens to Zoom.

  •    Users have also used the Telephoto lens in the iPhone 7 Plus.
  •    Now, iPhone X came with the brand new TrueDepth camera feature.  Best for taking fancy portrait shots, & generates blurred background upshot which gives your Pictures a professional Look.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

  •    Watch movies or videos in Dolby Vision and HDR10 on your all-new iPhone X.
  •    Now your HRD Pictures will look more incredible.
  •    Enjoy movies with HDR titles straight from Netflix, iTunes & much more.
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