Configuring D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 the Easy Way

A home router needs to be as economical as powerful it is. It needs to have a daily usage that is combined with a seamless, uninterrupted network connection that extends to not only browsing but also towards a light gaming session, streaming videos and shows and obtaining a decent download speed. This along with a simple setup process and a fairly accommodating customer support adds up to making a great home router. Looking for the same in the catalog of multiple vendors will not get you the power and trust of D-Link’s battle-hardened, D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 routers.

These routers deliver a rather decent Wi-Fi performance with a Gigabit speed. This dual-band wireless router is able to boost the performance of the Wi-Fi by streaming data across the dual wireless channels, specifically made to provide a congestion free network. The antennas with high power amplifiers can ensure maximum coverage of your router’s connection. All that added with the prioritization and optimization of network traffic by the QoS increases the performances of the running applications. All the features in a D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 can be controlled with a rather impressive and unbelievably fast User Interface which can be installed on your handheld device.

Apart from that, the 802.11 ac standards present in the device can boost the speed of your connectivity to the Giga level. This gives you a transfer speed of a whopping 1300 Mbps. At the same time, you can protect the internet experience of your little ones via adding the Parental controls and secure your own with a protected Wi-Fi encryption.

The entire process of setting up the D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 routers is rather easy. With the presence of QRS comes the easy installation of the D-Link devices. This provides you an opportunity to set up the D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 all by yourself while lying on your sofa. All you need is a smartphone and your device.

D-Link AC1750 DIR-859

Before starting though we would need to understand a little about the right placement of your device to ensure best possible connection quality you can receive from your router. These little checks would include:

  • Make sure that the devices that are needed to be connected to the router are placed with the least possible number of walls between them.
  • Materials make a massive difference in the overall range and data transfer speeds. Mirrors, steel beams, any other objects that can dissipate or weaken your Wi-Fi signal should not be placed between router and devices
  • Make sure that the D-Link device is at least a couple of meters away from electrical devices or those which create a lot of RF noise.

After this, we are ready to connect the device to the internet. To do this first make the appropriate connections i.e. connect the power cord to the device and then connect the modem’s LAN port to the WAN port of the router using an Ethernet cable. Now to begin the setup process with the QRS or Quick Router Setup mode, follow the steps below:

  • Download the QRS mobile application from the Google Play for your Android device or the iTunes App store for Mac. Complete the setup of the app.
  • Connect this device to the router. To do that, connect to the SSID that’s printed on the label at the bottom of the router and use the password as the one mentioned on the label too.
  • Having connected your phone to the router, open the QRS mobile app and launch the application to start the setup process.
  • The welcome screen will open and will tell you about the steps we would be performing next. Press next once you end up on the Operation mode screen.
  • At this step, make sure that your router is connected to the modem. If this process is completed beforehand, simply press next to detect the internet connection.
  • Since your D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 router is powered with two different bands running on 2.4 and 5 GHz, you will need to setup the SSID and password for both. Choose an SSID name for both or you can leave it as it is, however, it is recommended that you do. Next, enter the password of a minimum 8 characters and press next.
  • Next you device password needs to be set up which is the password you’ll be asked to change the configurations of the router. It is also known as the Admin Password. It is recommended that you do however losing it will result in having your router brought back to factory settings.
  • You will be shown the summary of the settings you’ve just selected. A simple press of next will complete your settings.

You have now successfully completed the setup of your new D-Link AC1750 DIR-859 router using the QRS application.

Written by RoutergAdmin
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