TTB Antivirus Recognized as the Best Antivirus for Android by AV-TEST GmbH

TTB Antivirus Recognized as the Best Antivirus for Android by AV-TEST GmbH

TTB Internet Security, the leader in cutting-edge security for Android, Windows, and Mac is excited to announce its latest achievement- a resounding endorsement from AV-TEST GmbH, an esteemed independent research institute for IT Security in Germany.

This recognition as among the best antivirus software for Android phones cements TTB Antivirus as one of the most reliable and effective products available in the market.

AV-Test GmbH, popular for its meticulous and impartial software assessment procedures, has lauded TTB Antivirus for its remarkable device protection capabilities.

In an age where cyberattacks are on the rise and smartphones remain susceptible, this accolade showcases TTB’s unwavering dedication to providing top-notch protection to users.

To download TTB Antivirus on your Android smartphone, visit Google PlayStore or simply click TTB Antivirus

AV-Test GmbH performs thousands of individual and comparative tests each year and is one of the most trusted institute for providing the exact product analyses. Products certified by them offers corporate and end users reliable protection.

They are validated by the internationally recognized seals of approval and certificates from the test institute based in Magdeburg, Germany.

For the Android Test, AV-Test GmbH evaluates the products on several standard test modules, as they did on TTB Antivirus. Following are the test standards:

  • It includes real-time detection provided by security apps for the very latest Android malware.
  • The experts detect impacts on the mobile device’s usability by evaluating the battery life and a probable decline of the test device.
  • They check the network load produced by the security app and test for false alarms.
  • In the function check, there are points for each useful feature providing additional protection for mobile devices, e.g. functions for locating, blocking and deleting stolen devices, parental control, backup and other functions.

In the test, successful products are recognized with the “AV-TEST Certified” certificate.

The detailed testing report for TTB Antivirus can be accessed here.

Everyone at TTB Internet Security is delighted by our product’s recognition as a premier Android Antivirus. Our developers and everyone behind the product deserves the credit,” expressed Fateh Singh, CEO at TTB.

This recognition from AV-TEST outlines our commitment to supplying users with unparalleled defence against ever-evolving and highly sophisticated digital threats. We are so proud that our product lived up to and exceeds user expectations,” he further added.

TTB Antivirus boasts a comprehensive defence mechanism to protect Android devices against malware, viruses, phishing attempts, and other digital threats that jeopardise data privacy and security. This latest achievement further solidifies TTB’s effectiveness in safeguarding users against a growing spectrum of cyber perils.

The acknowledgement from AV-TEST GmbH also enhances TTB Antivirus’s reputation as a trustworthy device security solution, empowering users to navigate the digital world with confidence.

By consistently demonstrating excellence in malware detection and protection, usability, impact on device performance, and other security features, TTB Antivirus has positioned itself as a preferred choice for individuals seeking top-notch protection for their Android devices.

As TTB Antivirus continues its commitment to enhancing Android security solutions, the recognition from AV-TEST GmbH underscores our team’s dedication and expertise.

The team remains steadfast in the pursuit of innovation, staying ahead of emerging threats, and delivering an unparalleled security experience to users.

About TTB:

TTB or TechBoy Solutions, is an industry pioneer in offering users comprehensive Android security solutions that help safeguard their devices against an ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

With a focus on innovation, excellence, and user-centric design, TTB Antivirus continues to set new benchmarks in mobile security.

With its focus on mobile, and computer security, the robust security solutions from TTB are designed meticulously to cater to the unique needs of Android, Windows, and macOS users.

TTB Antivirus: An advanced antivirus solution that offers comprehensive protection against malware, viruses, and other digital threats. The product protects your systems and information without interfering with the core functions.

TTB VPN Shield: VPN Shield is a cutting-edge Virtual Private Network solution designed to encrypt internet connections, enhance privacy and protect user information across different platforms.

Learn more about TTB Antivirus and its other products at

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