How to troubleshoot problems related to IP address? is the default IP address of Netgear and D-Link model routers to access the login page of these routers. It is a private IPv4 network address but you can change it by configuring your router. To setup the router, some home broadband routers use the IP address Open an Internet browser and type HTTP:// to access the management console of the router. It is recommended to change the IP address to avoid the IP address conflicts.


The IP address sometimes causes a problem in opening the management console or we are unable to access the login page via this IP address. Another problem that we may encounter is after entering the username and password, we are unable to access the inner pages of the management console. This means we cannot connect to the wireless router. Why this happens and how to resolve this type of issue?

Many things can be responsible for this issue. Let’s discuss it in detail.

  • Make sure the connection between computers or clients and router is properly established. It means to check whether the terminal computer is connected to your router via a wireless signal or net cable.

It is easy to check the cable connection. Check the ports on the router. Check whether the small lights are blinking or not and also check the cable port of the computer. If the lights are not blinking then there is a problem in the cable connection. Either it is not plugged in properly or it is broken. Check by connecting it again to both the ports.

If the connection is wireless, then check whether the router is broken or not powered on. Remove the antennas once and check again because sometimes antennas cause the problem.

  • Check the IP address of your computer

The router assigns an IP address to your computer. If you have assigned the IP address to your computer yourself and that IP address is not in the LAN of the router then the connection cannot be established.

How to set your computer’s IP address correctly?

Always enable the option “Obtain an IP address automatically” so that your computer automatically obtains the IP address. Do not set it by yourself otherwise, it may cause a problem in future. To set it, follow the steps given below:

The steps are same for both MAC and PC.

  1. Locate Local Area Network in your windows computer.
  2. Right click on Internet Protocol then go to properties.
  3. Now, choose the option “Obtain an IP address automatically”.
  • Make sure that the login address of the router is

Most of the time the router’s login address is But there are always some exceptions. Sometimes companies change the default gateway IP address such as Check the brand of your router and then confirm the default IP address or you can also check the IP address on the product label at the bottom of the router.

  • Make sure your computer or Internet browser is working properly.

Sometimes the computer system or the web browser you are using to access the management console causes the problem. If you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer to open the login page then try a different browser to open the login page like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If the problem still exists then try accessing it using a different computer.

  • Reset your router

Resetting is the best solution if you have forgotten the username and password or it also changes the status of the router back to normal if it has been working for a long time. A software error occurred when the router is being used for a long time. So, resetting your router can solve the solution.

How to reset your router?

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Locate the reset hole. Most of the times, it is at the back of your router.
  2. Press and hold it for 10-12 seconds with the help of a paperclip or pin.
  3. The small light starts blinking indicate that the status has been reset.

The problems get resolved after following the steps given above. If you still have any queries then feel free to contact us.

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