Accessing Unknown Devices with Your Network

Stop Accessing Unknown Devices with Your Network

Extenders are best devices to boost the weak WiFi signals for the home network. They work excellent to those areas, where signals are hard to find. You will find lots of extenders in market to give you same facility. Better the extender better it provide service. There is lot of configurations or we can see advance settings which can be so helpful for any users who are looking for extender with better quality and security. Tp-link extenders are always remains center of attraction. They posses security based advance settings which can be easily done through local address can perform almost every setting with this address called in some easy steps.

Today we will go through the settings which can enable us to restrict some devices by attaching to your particular Wi-Fi extender. So now we will learn how to configure access control on the range extender with the help of default address

Access control feature manages devices which are connected with extender through wireless connection. In order to improve security, user has an option which can limit access with Wi-Fi network of extender you are using to permit any particular Wi-Fi devices available in the white list. Those devices which are not listed in white list or we can say they are in the list f black list unable to connect with wireless network of TP-Link extender. All these settings will take place with single default address

Point to Remember: – Users can’t block those devices which are connected with extender through an Ethernet cable via

Let’s see How to Enable Access Mode in Extender

  • Start by opening a web browser and filling net in address bar of the browser.
  • Now go for further settings.
  • Wireless
  • Access Controlwebpage after filling proper address net into the web browser address bar.
  • Time to click on the button which enables the access control feature.
  • Now choose Blacklist option and save setting by clicking on save button.
  • Now you can devices into Blacklist list.
  • Users can add devices which are online. You can add any particular device by clicking on add button, if there are number of devices which needs to selected, then select them or click on block for adding them all together.
  • You can access these steps if you have filled into web browser address bar not in the search bar.
  • If you can’t see device in online list then you can make selection manually just by selecting Add button and entering device name and MAC address into the figures.
  • Don’t forget to save the changes click on OK button.

For further white list option you can contact our router login team for better assistance. Place a call to toll free number or you can contact them via live chat as well.


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