Tplink URL “” is no longer owned by the Company

The domain names are last forever but their ownership do not. The owner of the domain has to renew the ownership of the domain name. But in the case of Tplink, it seems like they forgot to do the same for their domain “”. This domain name is used to open the web interface of their routers. Because of this, users of Tplink are worried of the security. But according to Tplink, there is no security issue as the user automatically gets redirected to the internal set up page.

The Tplink has announced its new domain that is “” to log into the router’s web interface. Before this, is used for router login and one more domain that has been changed that is for Tplink extender. is used to set up the Tplink extender but now is used for the same set up. These domains are just substitutes for the IP address for the Tplink networking products. The default IP is This IP is used to configure and set up Tplink devices.


When you type, a page displays that is for selling the ownership of the domain. Or you will get an error message of “Can’t reach this page”. According to the Tplink, if a user trying to access the set up page through address will get redirected to the internal IP address and does not get any issue. On the product label of new Tplink routers, you will find instead of the old one. Same is the case for Tplink extender; you will find rather than The main concern here is for older models still in the market and have login information of on their product labels. Tplink also changed the web address in most of the user manuals or user guide of Tplink routers.

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  • How can I access my TP-LINK Model C8 Router, SN 2159948004425 so my new laptop (Windows 10) can access the memory stick plugged into the USB 2.0 slot. doesn’t work
    I also tried doesn’t appear to work either.


  • The URLs are important as they will, by default, redirect you to your router, which is usually given an IP address of or something similar. It’s obviously not a big deal that TP-Link has let two of its domains lapse, and it does seem a bit unnecessary to let domain names that you used to own and that were, at one point, associated with your brand, lapse in that fashion.


  • TP-Link chose to use different domains for those functions rather than just a URL (or IP address) That they failed to maintain functions they created is their failure.


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