Setup Completed but Web Interface Not Working for TP Link TL wa855re? Try These Tips

Everyone wish that their range extender actually extend Wi-Fi signals in home networking in order to work fast with the help of internet. So in absence of proper signals dead zones and weak Wi-Fi signals makes a life more than a mess. We all make investment in number of devices which do work or not work sometime. Today we have with us an issue which comes with many users after completing TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup problem of not able to get can’t I login to the web management utility of Range Extender. It is very important for any users to get full control or access on their device, so that they can take works as per their requirement. Web interface make easy for users to manage & configure their range extender.

TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup

So today we are going to provide some information for those TP-Link Extender Users who not able to get can’t I login to the web management utility of Range Extender even after proper TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup. So our advice for all of you is to follow these steps careful, if there is any problems applying these steps then do call on our technical support unit on toll free number.

If you already has completed your TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup well in advance & still you are not getting accessed to web interface then firstly try checking your physical wired or wireless connections.

  • If you have wired connections, then look at the back of your computer verify if plugged in or not?
  • If you have wireless connection then check it is connected with your TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup or not? Or you can also check at your computer taskbar is your computer is connected with internet or not.

If you find above points are working on your extender or PC then you can try after doing TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup, try resetting your extender on factory default settings.

  • First reason which we can assume of not working of web interface is that your range extender IP address is unknowingly changed by you or anyone else.
  • For resetting take a pin press the Reset button for about 1 sec, wait till all the LED lights blinks once, after that release reset button and will until your range extender gets reboot to its factory default settings.
  • Next, user can try accessing web interface with IP address or Default local address.

There are some more steps which can be helpful for users who completed TP-Link TL WA855RE Setup but still not able to get accessed to Extender web-interface. You can also approach our customer care representative team on toll free number or you can drop message for them in comment box. So wait no more & gets started working fast with your Range Extender.

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