Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT)

What is the Internet of Things (IOT)?

This is a concept which says everything can be connected with each other. It does not matter it is a living one or non-living but everything must have a sensor to connect with every other thing. The “things” in the term internet of things refer to every device such as cell phones, washing machines, heart sensors, headphones, every animal and every human. Every device which has an on/off switch can be a part of the internet of things. An IOT is a huge network of connected things. The exchange of data can be between people-things, people-people or things-things.

Why there is need of IOT?

According to this concept, computer and other devices have the capability to think, understand, hear and smell. This can reduce the waste from our life. It also reduces the cost and reminds us which thing needs repairing and replacement. The devices do not need any help of human beings if IOT gets fully implemented. With the help of the internet, various systems get connected with each other. They can be controlled from anywhere as they are able to represent themselves digitally. IT companies and other businesses can take advantage of this technology to provide better results and performance.

Example of Internet of Things

Suppose we have made a bridge with sensors in it. If there is a crack in the bridge and it can’t be able to handle more weight then it will warn car driver. If the car driver does not understand then it will make the car slow itself because of the sensors in the car. Before any catastrophe, we can stop it by using this technology. When this technology applies, the bridges become smart bridges, the cars become smart cars and cities become smart cities.

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