Amazon’s new SMART LOCK – Receive your deliveries in your absence

It happens most of the times when a delivery boy comes to your home for a delivery and you are not available at home to receive the package. So, to resolve this problem Amazon introduces a lock, key and camera combination. It is controlled by the user remotely and a user can allow a delivery boy to place the package inside the home after opening the lock remotely.

A user can create temporary pass codes for friends and relatives. This thing helps the Amazon to increase its sale from the person who is not available at home and has the fear of stolen things from the door steps. These persons can now order online without any fear of losing the order.

Working of the Amazon SMART LOCK

Firstly, the delivery boy has to knock the doorbell and if he is confirmed that there is nobody in the home then the delivery boy or associate press the unlock button on the phone. The system of the Amazon confirms that there is right associate with the right package on the door. Then notification goes to the customer and customer can watch the video of delivery taking place at the moment. Now the matter is trust of the customer. Can customer trust that delivery boy leave the packages inside and does not perform any theft. But Amazon ensures that if a person does this then the customer can call the customer care and claim a file. Amazon will help him in such cases but no such case will happen in practice ensured by Amazon.

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