wireless charging

Wireless Charging

The meaning of wireless charging

Are you getting frustrate of plugging in your phone or other devices for charging? So, to erase your frustration and to make your life easier, the concept of wireless charging came into existence. Now, this concept is applied on iPhone X. Wireless charging can be used to charge any device which has a battery. Electromagnetic fields are generated nearby an electrical outlet. So, wireless charging uses this field to transfer power to a receiving device’s battery to charge it. The name itself says, a user does not have to use wires or there is not any physical connection.

How does wireless charging work?

The concept of inductive power transfer is used in the process of wireless charging. According to this concept, electromagnetic fields are generated and by the use of coils, the current gets transferred from source to destination. We are explaining the concept by using the example of charging a phone by using wireless charger.

  • The devices as well as wireless charger, both of them have coils.
  • Magnetism is used to generate small vibrations when these two devices come near to each other. An EMF is generated by the coil in the phone.
  • The power gets transferred to the battery through the charging circuit.
  • As compared to the traditional charging method, it takes more time to charge.

Wireless charging is beneficial in the areas where the use of wires and cables is dangerous and unreliable.

Charging of Vehicles

This is the idea that in future all the vehicles will run on electricity as fossil fuels are limited. Electricity based vehicles save environment and is sustainable. Today’s electric cars can travel up to 10 to 40 Kms and then it requires charging and for that you need a power outlet. But when the concept of wireless charging is applied then your car can be charged while on the parking or while moving. This will provide a sustainable environment along with the saving of fossil fuels.

Charging of Medical Equipment

There are various advanced equipments used in the medical field. These equipments require electricity or charging. These equipments cause contamination and can be a cause of physical hazard. So, wireless charging provides real benefit in this high traffic environment.

So, in total wireless charging is beneficial for us. To know more, you can leave a query for us and our team will provide you a solution.

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