Tp link router AD7200

The latest Tp link router AD7200

This is the latest router manufactured by Tplink with all new 802.11 AD wireless standard. This router provides a speed of 4.6 Gbps on the 60 GHz band. The speed provided by the router is three times the speed you are getting form an 802.11 ac router. But the range covered by these routers is extremely small. They also can’t able to provide internet access across the walls. So, the devices that are in the reach of the router can get the internet access. They can also work as an 802.11 ac router. And if we talk about the setup then this router also

Design and features of the new Tplink router

It is a bulky router having eight antennas in total. It measures 230 * 230 * 43 mm. So, quite a big one, that you need an extra table to put it on. It can’t fit on a shelf. If you remove antennas from the router then it does not look great. There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports and a WAN port at the back of the router. The Ethernet ports provide a slower speed than the actual speed. On the front there are LED lights. The LED lights are of power, three Wifi bands, internet, WPS, LAN activity and of two USB ports. There is a button to turn these lights off. It has a new band that is 60 GHz band along with this one 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band are also there so that this router can work as an 802.11 ac router. Its 5 GHz band provides a maximum speed of 1733 Mbps and its 2.4 GHz band provides a maximum speed of 800 Mbps.

You will have three separate SSIDs for all three bands rather than a single SSID for all. So, the choice is yours if you want to connect to 2.4 GHz then do so. It is on the usage; choose the appropriate band according to the usage.

Setup of the Tplink AD7200

The setup is quite similar to other Tplink routers. You need to use or the IP address Enter any of these into the address bar of the browser connected to your network. The menu will be shown to you. You can skip the setup and directly get into the menu. Or the screen guides you to setup the router. There are various options to change the settings of the router such as changing the default password, USB settings, guest network settings or parental control. There are much more like this.

The setup process is simple and easy. But if you get any issues while the setup then make us a call or chat with us live. As the router is new to the users, there may be difficulties in setting up the router or changing the settings of the router. Take guidance if you feel so.

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