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TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup

TP-Link routers are not lack behind from any other popular company’s Wi-Fi routers. They have their own identical setting & configuration features. They are very simple to setup and works best for any Office or Home network. These days you will find many routers which give false hopes of more wireless range in home network but gets disconnect or weakened by dead zones or any electronic obstructions. So we advice to try one TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup.

tp link td w8961nd configuration 

For the sake of your updation we are listing some basic specification & features of TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup. What you need to go through them & make your mind & compare the features of your current router with this amazing feature loaded router.

TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup

  • TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd allows its users to work at a notional high speed of 300Mbit/s via MIMO multiple-input and multiple-output technology.
  • Users will feel surprised by the features which TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup supports.
  • When go into TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup, it is not lengthy like others routers, simply straightforward setup process which can be carried out by even a novice user.
  • TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup can manage approximately twice speed with a striking 11Mbit/s speed, faster than any broadband connections & additional adequate for streaming video.
  • TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd is an inexpensive router with MIMO technology nowadays.

Well now we will start TP-Link Router TD W8961Nd Setup changing administrative password with few simple steps. So just take a look at these steps carefully. As we all know that experts advice for security reasons to change Router default password as soon as possible when we do initial setting of our router.

  • Start by opening web browser of your choice & fill into web browser address bar, LAN IP address of the wireless ADSL router & press Enter.
  • Time to type default username & password into the login page.
  • And now go for option of Management in that look for Access Control & then Password.
  • Now type your old password & after that new password two times and then click on save for saving the changes.

If you have any query regarding above mentioned steps then feel free to call to our router login support team on toll free number or you can also do live chat with our team on any time any day.

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