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Adobe’s Creative Cloud

What is Creative Cloud?

Do you know there are various applications of Adobe? If yes then it is good for you but if not then we are telling you there are. A bundle of these applications you will get in the creative cloud but you have to pay something for that. You will get all the applications that are in Master Collective CS6 in creative cloud as well but all are at a very reasonable price. The software in the bundle used for video editing, graphic design, photography and web development.

You will get cloud storage of 20 GB. And also access to the most famous social network of motion graphic artists called Behance Prosite. This is a network designed only for the artists where they can enhance and show their work.

Some of the applications included in the Creative Cloud are:

    • Adobe Dreamweaver CC: This application is used for the web designing and development. You can type the code and see the result in the live view side by side. It also highlights the code. It is an HTML code editor. Make a page for your website and upload it on to your server.
    • Adobe Photoshop CC: This application is used by designers, photographers, web professionals and video making professionals. It is a photo editing software. You can alter the colours, size, appearance and various other things of an image. You can have this application in any language so it can be used by any person around the globe. A user can create as well as alter images or videos in this application.


  • Adobe Fireworks CC: This application is used to make datasheets, info graphics and even a fully functional website. It is used to create graphics and it adds more value than the Photoshop to an image. The image created by the fireworks is pixel perfect. You can create easy and quick vectors and many more with this application.
  • Adobe Muse CC: If you want to create a website quickly then use Adobe Muse. This will create only a static website for users who do not know anything about the coding. You do not have to write code while creating a website through Muse.
  • Adobe Audition CC: If you want to record and mix several audios then this tool is helpful for you. You can use this tool for creating original audios or remix music.


There are much more you can get from this creative cloud. Any doubt? Clear it by connecting with us.



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