Networking Features get added in the Windows 10

New Networking Features get added in the Windows 10

Various updations in the features have done in the Windows 10, declared on the anniversary of Microsoft. Some of the advancements are in the security, camera and Cortana. Some of the new changes have been added in the networking section of the Windows 10, many of these you may not aware of. So, we are here to describe each improvement made in the networking section of the Windows 10.


New Networking Features Windows 10


  • Network Reset: This helps in resetting the network settings to default. When you are encountering any issue with the network or you won’t be able to connect to the network then this feature is helpful in solving these issues. The software or driver issues can be resolved by using this feature. It can disturb any existing VPN client but helpful in solving network issues. You will find this option under Network & Internet and this tab is found under Settings.
  • Mobile Hotspot: Just like we can share our mobile network with other devices by enabling the tethering or hotspot, you can do this thing in your PC also. Go to settings then network and internet section, click on the mobile hotspot tab. This will create a virtual network to share with other devices. You can share your Wifi with eight other devices in this manner.
  • Infrared Controls: Some infrared sensors are there in your Windows 10. If you have one then you can control the receiving of data and also set the file location where the files received will get stored. You will find this icon in the network and sharing centre.
  • Shortcuts: A status tab that will show you something that you would find in the old control panel. To access the old Windows Network Diagnostics wizard, go to settings then network and internet then status then network trouble-shooter. You can now see the properties of the network you are connected to in the network list itself.
  • New data: Under the network and internet, you will see a status tab. When you click on this tab, you can see the list of network adapter along with the IP address and MAC address. Under the WiFi tab, you will see hardware properties. All the wireless details come under this section. You can also manage out of range network by clicking on the “manage known networks”.


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