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Secure Network

The Network is communication of two or more devices. It could be LAN (i.e. Local Area Network) or Wireless connection. LAN and wireless connection explain the size and infrastructure of the network. Before you use any sensitive information on any of your devices like Computer, Phone or Tablet, it is always recommended to have a Secure Network.


One doesn’t have to buy firewall boxes from market costing hundred of dollars. Just make sure that you have a password protected network with a lock sign on your network name in the WiFi list. And a regular change of the network password is also a good practice.

Not every user has the administrative right to access the network settings like router page, firewall settings. If suppose, everyone has the administrative rights, then we are not able to recognize who made a particular change. Consequently these situations can’t be handled.

Regular cleanup of your devices is also an important task for a clean network, optimization, defragmentation and disk cleanup. Running security scan via computer is also a good practice. Optimization of the device helps to speed up the processor. Defragmentation job is to get the hard drive in right shape and collecting used sectors at one side and unused space on the other. Disk Cleanup helps remove useless files from temporary folders of the computers. These files include cookies, images logos, URLs of the websites visited on regular basis.

What you need for a secure network?

Keeping an Anti-Virus on your computer, updating your devices and firmware update of the router is also recommended for best output. Router page gives you the option to choose the security type for the network devices like WPA, WEP etc. This security depends on the kind of devices on the network.  The regular anti-virus like McAfee, Norton, Avg or Trend Micro are available in the market for not only securing from virus attacks but also from Identity theft. The firewall upgrade takes care of other wireless devices on the network.

Secure network increases the life of the devices connected to it, improves the performance and provides a better connectivity to the internet world.


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