Technology Advancement with TP-Link Router 3420 Setup

Make Most of Technology Advancement with TP-Link Router 3420 Setup

We don’t really analyze or realize the advancement of technology until we get chance to use it on our hand. From using telephone to now days talking via internet are not imaginable till we actually used them. In past, we only able to access internet on our computers was a big thing for anybody.

These days we are using internet on bullet speed. 3g/4g speed is normal for today’s generations. What feels surprise is not able access these speeds on high end devices. When we talk about router setup, TP-Link Router 3420 Setup is one name which actually justifies technology advancement with speed.

tp link 3420 compatibility list

Tp-link is well known name in providing high speed routers and extenders. By adding one more advance device called TP-Link Router 3420 Setup is finest model of routers which we have today. Coming on to its features you can enjoy not only 3g speed but can have the access of powerful 4g speed.

  • It is compatible with 3G modems
  • With TP-Link Router 3420 Setup you can ensure yourself always staying online.

Today we will give you brief introduction about TP-link router 3420 setup. What settings and features you can avail with this amazing product? Now let’s get started.

Firstly we will Discuss About Login Detail for TP-link Router 3420 Setup Page

  • It is easy to configure and manage TP-Link Router 3420 Setup via web-based wireless (n) router. Web-based function can be used on any Windows, Macintosh or UNIX OS using web browser.
  • In order to access configuration function start by opening a web-browser and type default address into address bar of browser.
  • Now enter default username and password in lower case.
  • After doing login into TP-Link Router 3420 Setup, tick on quick setup for doing quickly configure of router.
  • By clicking on ‘Next’ you can access Internet on your TP-Link Router 3420 Setup.
  • In Internet Access you can choose options between 3g preferred/3g only/ WAN Preferred/ WAN Only.
  • After proper login into TP-Link Router 3420 Setup you can access about fifteen configuration options.
  • Status, on Status page you will get information regarding current status about the TP-Link Router 3420 Setup.
  • After that you will go through the Quick Setup, which has sub sections of various setting under Quick setup wizards, we are briefing some important settings below.
  • Wireless settings for TP-Link Router 3420 Setup, there are five sub-menus in the Wireless menu Wireless Settings, Wireless Security, Wireless MAC Filtering, Wireless Advanced and Wireless Statistics.
  • Security has 4 sub-menus under it namely Basic Security, Advanced Security, Local Management and Remote Management.
  • Remote management, with this you can you can manage your TP-Link Router 3420 Setup from a distant location through Internet.
  • And most importantly, Parental Control function which is useful in controlling internet activities of Childs, restrict children’s from accessing various websites and limit the time of surfing as well.

tp link 3420 compatibility list

If you want to know more about TP-Link Router 3420 Setup, then don’t hesitate in taking help from our expert team. They are available around d the clock just for all of you.

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