IP address of the Linksys router

What is the default IP address of the Linksys router?

Various routers are developed by the Linksys Company. Depending upon the model of the router, each router has its own default IP address. You can locate the default IP address of your router model on the product label that is located on the bottom of the router. If you are unable to find then you can go for Linksys customer service. The routers that you are using at your home acquire two IP addresses. One IP address is used for connecting outside to the Internet. Another one is used for communicating inside the home network. For the outside connection, a public IP address is given by your Internet Service Provider. The IP address used for communicating inside has a default value. This IP address is accessed and controlled by the home network administrator.

Default IP address of the Linksys Router

When you start to setup a Linksys router at your home, it demands the default IP address. So the administrator should know the default IP address in order to connect to its console. is the default IP address of the Linksys routers. The default IP address is also known as default gateway address. This is called so as the client devices depends on the router as their gateway to the Internet. You can also see this term on the network configuration menus of some computer operating systems. and are other two common default IP addresses of the routers. If you want to know more or have any confusion regarding IP addresses, contact Linksys customer service team.

How to change the Default IP address of the router?

Now you think is it necessary to change the default IP address. The answer is yes, it is necessary to avoid IP address conflicts. There may be a case when there is another Linksys router in your neighborhood and installed on the same IP address

Otherwise, same IP address is used when the router turns on. It is up to you that you want to change it or not.

You can change the default IP address at the time of installing the router or later on also. You can change it to an IP address that you can easily remember. If you are thinking that after changing the IP address there is an increase in the performance of the router, this is not the case.

Follow the steps given below to change the default IP address:
  1. Open your Linksys Cloud account
  2. Go to Connectivity
  3. Go to Local Network Tab
  4. You will find the edit option next to Router Details. Click on it.
  5. Enter the new IP address that you want in place of the default.
  6. Under DHCP Server, change the Start IP address to the same IP address range of your router and click on Apply button.
  7. A pop-up screen opens, click OK
  8. Now switch off your router for around 30 seconds and then turn it on again.

The default IP address has been changed successfully. For support, you can go for Linksys customer service.

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