Configure your Netgear Router Using Netgear Genie App

Netgear has many quality products to offer to its customers, this the main reason why users prefer Netgear products. We have seen in the past many extenders, routers manufactured by Netgear Company. Well scripted manuals which proved to be very helpful in configuration time are always provided by Netgear. There is one app which has taken Netgear working status to next level and that is Netgear Genie App. The only app that makes configuration simpler & easier than ever before.

Today we are going to provide you overview about Netgear Genie app, which is a desktop application works on both PC & Mac. It makes configuration process simpler & user can manage configurations for Netgear router by providing a dashboard to monitor & helps in controlling & repairing Network. Now control your Home network like you have never control before.

Now let’s see what a Netgear Genie app is able to do for your home Network, directly from your PC desktop

  • If you are not sure that your Internet service provider is providing internet speed as per plan, you can check by yourself only on Netgear Genie app. With speed test you can measure how fast your content is get downloaded from website, or you can check what speed is you getting from your service provider isn’t great?

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  • Well we all welcomes guest with open hand in our house, but do you like unknown guest on your Home network? Majority of us don’t like this kind of interference. Still if you allows guest network facility, then you can anytime view or modify settings of Guest network with the help of Netgear Genie app. With the guest network facility other can use your internet but they can’t access content of your home network. So start welcoming guest online as well.

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  • Network Map enables us to view who is on Home network & how many devices are currently taking benefits of our Home network. Works like CCTV for Routers. All this can be possible if you manage your Netgear router with Netgear Genie App. It can provide you alert every time any device gets connected with your Home network by just activating Notify me of new devices that connect to my network check box. Simple as that.

There are lots more of the settings which can easily accessed by one & only Netgear genie app. You can take more information from our router login support team on toll free number. They are specially working for the users of Netgear so make most of it. Call them anytime if you have query regarding Netgear Genie app or to configure Netgear Genie App is simpler than anything. Follow steps which our team will tell you when you approach them. They will land you to Netgear Genie App Home page

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