Configurations Steps for Cisco Linksys e1200 Setup

It is easy to have router but what pains more is to make its configuration well. You can see many documented PDF or manuals online, but how many of them actually work? Every router users wants to make sure that their network don’t get hacked or illegally used by any other person without their permission. That’s why it is very important to secure your wi-fi and configure them properly. Today in this blog we are going to discuss about Cisco Linksys e1200 setup in easy steps so that confusion for new users can be lighten a little bit. Cisco is a well know company and their product needs no introduction but still let get started now.

reset cisco linksys e1200

Steps for Cisco Linksys e1200 Setup

  • First make sure you have a working internet connection, and then approach router’s portal-based service.
  • Now login by typing into browser in order to log into your router’s portal based service. Keep username blank and fill admin in password field, in case you are not working on Cisco connect.
  • Now go into menu and look for Setup tick on the “Setup” logo. Points for Cisco Linksys e1200 setup in easy steps.
  • Move ahead to the “Basic Setup” page and click on it.
  • Time to enter basic domain to IP resolver, which is fill in the Fixed DNS 1” range.
  • Now enter second domain to IP resolver in the DNS 2” range.
  • Time to enter third domain to IP resolver in the DNS 3 or you can leave this blank as well. Important steps for Cisco Linksys e1200 setup in easy steps.


Above given steps are easy to follow if you need any assistance regarding these steps then immediately place a call to our router support unit on toll free number 1-800-603-4024. No problem can stay for long time when our team of expertise are there to help you.

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