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Welcome Asus ROG phone to the Gaming market

September; mark the date as arguably the fastest smartphone by one of the best gaming company in the world will be reportedly launched in the world. The Asus ROG phone, powered by some of the most inconceivably powerful features has been revealed by...

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor introduced!

Qualcomm has become one of the most familiarized names in the market today. Mobile devices like AR/VR headsets, Mobile Smart Phones, Wearable products along with a wide variety of other devices supporting Internet Of Things (IoT) are all powered by...

GDPR: A Milestone in Customer Data Security

If you have not checked your emails in a while, chances are that you are not familiar with the word GDPR. To those who have been accepting the updates of privacy policies via email from a large number of companies, we know you are tired of reading...

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by Cynthia on Router Login Support
linksys setup and camera setup
Tech Name: Eric

I had the best experience I have every had. My computer got hacked, the technical support team did a fantastic job at removing network issues, optimized my system and installed the webroot security protection for my entire system and all devices. The personal support I received was second to none and worth every dollar I spent. Thanks again!!!

by FRED PEARSON on Router Login Support
Computer Setup/ Router Setup/ Printer Setup
Tech Name: Austin

This service is the easiest and most friendly anyone could hope for. I have had a few instances to use the service due to moving and equipment purchases.

There is nothing that cannot be taken care of by Austin, my technician.

I highly recommend using this service no matter what your personal skill level.

by William Sharp on Router Login Support
Asus Router Setup/ Computer Cleanup
Tech Name: Austin

very professional tech ..Thank you!!

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