Netgear Announces Orbi Mesh Router With Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Netgear Announces Orbi Mesh Router With Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Netgear, the leading provider of networking devices that power today’s smart homes and small businesses have announced at CES 2019 that it will soon be releasing a new version of its Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi system with some upgraded features.

The company says that the award-winning Orbi whole home Wi-Fi Mesh system will soon be available using the 6th generation Wi-Fi, 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6. The incorporation of Wi-Fi 6 will make wireless network speed even faster and it will cope with heavy network traffic in a better way. Netgear claimed that the Wi-Fi 6 technology will ‘set new performance benchmarks for Mesh Wi-Fi Systems and address the performance needs of a Gigabit internet home.’

How Wi-Fi 6 is better?

With more and more devices now connecting to Wi-Fi in our homes and running high-bandwidth internet for 4D/4K video streaming; this latest technology could provide real performance benefits, especially when it comes to ultra high-speed speed bandwidth-hungry applications. The Wi-Fi 6 (or 802.11ax) is obviously going to be far better than Wi-Fi 5 (or 802.11ac) hardware and is going able to support more devices simultaneously.

Improved Backhaul

Netgear is also improving Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi systems by adding 1024 QAM with a 4*4 Wi-Fi 6 backhaul which will increase the speed, coverage, and capacity of the wireless dedicated link between the Orbi router and satellites. With the advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology, the upgraded Orbi Mesh system will support even higher performance simultaneously making it possible to deliver gigabit internet to far more devices and enable these gigabit internet home to take benefit of Wi-Fi 6 performance, which will be designed into the next generation smart home devices and Smartphone.

According to David Henry, the senior vice president of Connect Home Products for Netgear, ‘Netgear along with Qualcomm Technologies is committed to push the boundaries with the latest technologies.’ He explained that with the current trend of more devices using more data, there is an ample need for the wireless network to keep up. Netgear is taking the best and highest performing Mesh Wi-Fi and raising it to the next level by bringing the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, 802.11ax to the Orbi platform.

The Netgear Orbi Mesh router Wi-Fi 6 is expected to be available in the second half of 2019 on the Orbi RBK50 series.

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