How LI-FI Technology Will Make Wi-Fi Nearly Obsolete

How LI-FI Technology Will Make Wi-Fi Nearly Obsolete

Li-Fi is the latest wireless technology which is a viable alternative to Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is a Visible Light Communication system that could prove revolutionary, far higher than any we are getting right now as well as being more secure and more efficient than typical wireless technologies. Li-Fi, known as Light Fidelity could be the next big thing in wireless communication technology like Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are quite similar, as both the wireless technologies transmit data electromagnetically. But, where Wi-Fi technology uses radio waves to transmit data, it uses LED’s or visible light for data transmission. LED bulbs are utilized to allow data transfer rate between 10 and 100 xs faster than Wi-Fi.

This latest wireless technology is highly efficient and said to be a secure alternative to radio waves. Li-Fi technology could be used in solar panels, cars, planes, around schools, hospitals and lecture theatres, during disasters, in nuclear power stations, or in homes and workplaces.

Positive Aspects of Li-Fi

  • This technology can solve problems related to the insufficiency of radio frequency bandwidth because it uses visible light spectrum that has still not been greatly utilized.
  • High data transmission rates of up to 10 Gbps could be achieved.
  • Li-Fi technology provides privacy and security that Wi-Fi technology cannot.
  • It has low installation and maintenance costs.
  • It can pass through sea water and works in the highly dense region.
  • Wherever there is a light source such as LEDs, there can be an Internet connection.

What are the downsides?

  • Because light cannot penetrate walls, so transmitter and receiver must be in Line of Sight.
  • One of the biggest potential drawbacks of Li-Fi is how the receiving device will transmit signals back to the transmitter?
  • One of the disadvantages could be Interference from external light sources like sun, normal bulbs, opaque materials etc.
  • Since the internet cannot be accessed without a light source, the Li-Fi Internet could be used in certain locations.
  • A whole new infrastructure needs to be constructed for Li-Fi.

Li-Fi is more secure and efficient as compared to Wi-Fi. Due to its limitations, Li-Fi technology is never likely to replace Wi-Fi, but it could become an incredible companion f the Wi-Fi technology or a key complementary technology, handling data in areas where its limitations are not a problem.

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