The first IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk speakers will be launched in August

This August, Ikea’s shelves will be displaying Wi-Fi speakers designed by the Swedish furniture company in collaboration with Sonos. Ikea believes that this will bring smart home devices and the internet of things closer to everyone.

Accessing the “Smart home” easily:

The Symfonisk loudspeakers are connected to the internet and can be incorporated into the Swedish chain’s furniture. These speakers can be attached to the wall and serve as a shelf. It can be mounted underneath a kitchen cabinet of the IKEA method line. These speakers will be bookshelves themselves rather than a speaker that is placed on bookshelves.
IKEA is also working on a combo of speaker-lamp, as well as their own air filtering systems. The joint effort to make sound and design at home more accessible will lead to additional collaborations and much to explore in terms of music in the home.

Streaming Music and voice assistance:

Ikea’s smart speakers are smart enough because of their wireless internet connection. It allows you to control other smart devices or functions at home, such as lights, lamps, and heating. These also use an open platform that supports multiple streaming services and voice assistants. For example, you can summon Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. IKEA has committed already to using cloud and Smartphone-based tech produced by Sonos. This partnership can help transfer music from any service to anywhere in the room your speaker is.

As per rumors, the speakers will be available in August of 2019. The launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet, nor do we have any information on the price. We do know that the devices will be available in two colors.

However, if this new product fascinates you, mark your calendars. For more updates, stick around on about the same. We will have the full updates when they emerge. Thank You for reading this article. Do not forget to mention your comments in the comment section.

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