Wireless Bose SoundSport Earbuds

Technology is moving a step ahead than our thoughts and latest devices are the best proof of this statement. Take a tour back to your memories and think about the headphones you were using in your childhood, what answer you are getting from your memories? Yes the big, bulky and heavy headphones. Don’t you agree wearing those headphones for long hours was such a pain? Decade before the era of headphones got changed and a revolution begins with Apple earphone and headphones. Though so many leading brands were there in the market for wireless ear buds but Apple has created a statement and made wireless earbuds a mainstream product. So many companies were producing audio devices but Apple has given a big competition to all till the time Bose has emerged in the market with extraordinary sound devices.

Bose has created a statement by providing future devices in sound and audio segment. With fabulous features and competitive technology Boss has become a leader in the industry. In addition to its statement Boss is manufacturing and promoting future ready audio devices and to prove its vision, it has introduced a Wireless Earbuds. This soundsport free wireless ear buds are the new sensation in the market.

This Soundsport free wireless ear buds are non-cable connected earplugs with ultimate sound quality and features. This device is designed to give best sound as well as connectivity to the user. Bose has created this device in comparison with Apple Air pods and kept the thought to please the fitness and sports oriented peoples across the globe. To know more about the device let take a look to the design of this ear buds-

Wireless Bose Soundsport Earbuds

Design of Soundsport free wireless-

Let’s do the unboxing of the Bose Soundsport free wireless, in the box you will be getting two ear buds and a case. One USB cable to charge the buds. As it provide the size suitability but if you’re wearing these buds for first time it can give you an awkward feel. These ear buds are designed in such a way, if you are wearing them and performing any activity it won’t lose its grip which is the best part.

This device is entirely focused for the sport peoples, as the name itself suggests. Though size and design is so compact but wearability for pro-long hours is not that easy as it says. With this device you can change your wired ear gear but putting them on for long hour can give you some pain in your ears. This device comes in three variant of colours black, orange and midnight blue. All the colours are so vibrant and appealing. You can choose your own as per your choice.

Wireless Bose Soundsport Earbuds

Configuration of Device-

With stylish looks this device is configured with latest technology. Both ear buds are designed with Bluetooth antennas, right ear bud is having volume control button. This button is designed in such a way so that you can skip, select or pause the call or volume at any time. With rough and tough build Bose is also known for quality sound and this is absolutely correct for these ear buds. Soundsport Free Wireless Ear buds are designed to resist the sweat and water. But if you are a swimmer then this won’t be a perfect choice for you. To show the charging it has a LED indicators which are designed in such a way to show exact charging level. This device can be charged with source or given micro USB cable.

Overall Performance-

For all casual music listeners this device a fresh breeze, you can enjoy your music without any interruption. With best audio output and easy to use feature makes this device a best Wireless Ear buds. This device provides the deeper bass which is required for EDM listeners. Once you are listening any acoustic music, all the vocals will be very clear and impressive. Though you are listening this on high volume but still the balance of music will won’t disappoint you. This device is designed with Bose digital signal processing and optimised volume.

If we talk about the connectivity of this device, it is really very easy. You can connect this device with source device in just few seconds. If you want to connect this device with any mobile phone then you will be requiring Bose Connect App. This App is so easy to use and takes only 45-50 sec for set up.

Battery Life-

If you take look on battery performance then it will give a satisfactory feel. You will be required to charge these wireless ear buds based on your requirement as with one time charge its stand by time is 4 hours. If you are using charging case then it will give you fast and long battery life for all day use.

With Sleek design, outstanding sound quality and strong built make these wireless ear buds a next gen audio device. The SoundSport Free Wireless from Bose is an outstanding product for all music lovers. IF you are seeking for best choice in wireless Ear Buds then see this device and enjoy nonstop music.

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