Future Ready Micropodcasting“Facebook Voice Status Update” Feature

Technology is changing at the fastest pace and making everything more compatible to enhance the user experience. To prove this statement, Facebook is testing a future-ready system for its user with which users can share their voice clips to update their status. This feature will give flexibility to Facebook users to share their thoughts and views with ease of voice control.

Based on the “TechCrunch”, it is confirmed that Facebook is testing random voice clips in India. Facebook is selecting a random user to do this testing. This feature will convert the voice signal in the desired status update on your phone and will give you ease of putting status in few second. This advanced feature will give the user a new way to express their feelings.

This unique feature will enhance the generic content broadcasting over the Facebook, people will get encouraged to share more unique and their own content instead of generic news. Facebook is trying to prioritize friends in news feed and introducing Facebook Stories to promote more authentic and generic content. This effort wills down rank the news publisher content and mindless viral videos.

This Voice clips feature will encourage the users to share compelling and more personal content. To do so they don’t require any editing tool or any other specific medium to make it more attractive. This feature will make user’s less-self-conscious, some other features from Facebook like; live broadcast and realty mask to give freedom to the user to share more interesting facts and videos without any hesitation. Private voice sharing through messenger is already present on Facebook.

Podcasting gets popular in recent years earlier it was not that popular among users. Facebook can achieve a pioneer position in micro podcasting with quick share to news feeds.

How it Works

To know about this feature, a user should have to select “Add Voice Clip” from the status update menu, it includes photo uploads and some other features for a status update. Once you are speaking to record your message, you will see a waveform which confirms your recording. Facebook will give a specific limit for such kind of voice status update with preview feature so that you can check your status before posting live. Once a user is done with recording, that clip can be shared on “News Feed “and connected friends of that user can listen to that feed with waveform animation. Take a look at the below-given picture; it will direct you to use this feature-

 This Feature is a boon for those countries where people speak multiple languages. This will raise the bar of connectivity for those who want to communicate in their own languages. Unlike the Google’s multi-language compatibility, Facebook is also trying to create a highly appealing connectivity with its users. With this voice record feature, people will feel more connected on Facebook and it will give a boost to Facebook. Let’s wait and watch for this latest feature and hope to get the best connectivity with your friends.

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