World’s Smallest GPS Tracking Device ”Nutale”

Technology is changing with each passing days, dozens of invention use to take place while we breathe. Personal location devices are the talk of the town these days. As device and technology shrink in size and comes low in a price range, manufacturing such kind of devices is becoming easier.

Most of the tracking devices are targeted towards a specific and niche area such as keeping track of your children, monitoring the pets or locating personal belongings. “Nutale”, is a new type of GPS tracking device that aims to stand out from the crowd by doing all of the above and more.

Meet the Nutale, world’s smallest and lightest personal GPS tracker. This device is small in size yet extremely powerful. This device is so user-friendly and easy to use. This GPS tracker provides you real-time tracking and positioning of your loved ones or you can say anything you want to track

This device is app operated and enables with geo-fence alert.  You can set safety region on your app and enable the geo-fence alert for your specific tracking. Now let’s talk about the device specification-

Real-Time GPS Tracking-

In any tracker, we require a real-time GPS tracking, which can keep you connected to the desired entity. Nutale comes with indoor and outdoor tracking; this device is lass with four layers of tracking technology which gives you the maximum accuracy in tracking.

GPS Tracking

Real Time Safety Region-

With this tiny GPS you can set your own safety region on your app and at the same time enable the Geo-Fence Alerts. Once you have enables this mode, you will be receiving breach alerts, whenever your things or loved ones are out of this set safety zone. With this alert you track and monitor your belongings or loved ones and keep them safe from any potential threat.

GPS Tracking

Location Records

This device is designed to keep four weeks of historical footprints. With this GPS tracker you can track and retrace the 28 days of location footprint. You can view 24 hours of location history in the app anytime. You can also keep a track record or check the Nutale GPS complete location records displaying the last 28 days in NutTag app.


30-Day long battery life:-

This next-gen device is enables with 30 days battery life. This ultra-long battery life is designed with various operation modes. You are free to optimize the unit as per your requirement. Long battery hours is the biggest benefit of this gadget and helpful to keep better track.


Group Sharing is Allowed:-

Now you can give access to other for the location tracking at the same time you are using the application.

Price and Availability:-

Nutale is designed in such a way to provide you best GPS tracking in a very small size. Price range of this device is still a question, not disclosed by the company yet. This device was supposed to launch in first quarter of year 2018 but due to some issues it is getting delayed. But you are only few days away to get a world class device in pocket friendly price range.

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