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Best Gaming Router: Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500

Are you looking for blazing speed to play uninterrupted games on your computer or laptops? Here is the solution for your entire gaming related requirement Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500 from Netgear. Now your everyday speed related issues are about to end. This high speed router is lass with ultramodern features for game lovers. This router is the most powerful and advance.

Netgear Nighthawk XR 500

Very advanced and unique software to give the best optimization of network connection. This Router stabilizes ping and reduces lag spikes. This router is specially designed for gamers and provides ultimate connectivity for online gaming.

This WiFi router includes best in class hardware; this device is designed with 1.7GHz dual core processor. With quad-stream wave 2 WiFi and MU-MIMO this router stands out among other gaming routers. This router is built with four more powerful external antennas to provide superfast connectivity and high bandwidth. Now it’s your turn to enjoy frustration-free online and network gaming with blazing speed. With MU-MIMO WiFi your friends can also enjoy playing games along with you as it streams signals to multiple devices at the same time. The best part of this device is it does not affect the overall performance even if you multiple users at a time.

Gaming Dashboard—

This router comes with the favourite panel to give you advance customization. In this dashboard, you can view real-time bandwidth utilization based on device usage and real-time ping latency. Now you can stabilize ping and reduce lag spikes to enjoy your game to the fullest.

Geo Filter—

This router is able to control connections to local players for a lowest ping. Its advanced feature allows you to limit the distance to game servers or other additional players. Now you have the freedom to create a blacklist or whitelist your preferred players.

Quality of service—

This router comes with the facility to prioritizing gaming devices and minimizes lag spikes. This router is able to detect online gameplay and traffic prioritization. Now you can also control the upload and download speeds per device over the network. With this quality minimize the sudden lags while you are playing your favourite game.

Best Network Monitoring

This is the best feature of Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500 to get real-time bandwidth utilization on every device, network or system.

Gaming VPN—

This is again a next-generation feature of this devil machine, now you can protect your network and its identity from DDOS attacks. If you have existing VPN service then you use VPN client to connect to VPN server.

Features of Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500

A gaming pro really requires an advanced level and ultra-blazing speed generating router. Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500 is actually a next-gen device with below discussed technical feature and specification.


Gigabit Ports—

This router is designed with five gigabit Ethernet ports ($ LAN + WAN) to provide superfast wired speed which is a basic requirement for gaming.

802.11AC WiFi—

Now get blazing fast speed with 2.6 Gbps WiFi. This provides the Multi-User MIMO for simultaneous internet streaming. Enjoy fast gaming with this devil router and create new milestones.

Dual-Core Processor—

This router is designed with dual core processor with 1.7 GHz. This bandwidth provides fastest and powerful Wi-Fi performance.

Powerful Antennas—

Now get additional performance with four external antennas for better wireless coverage. Now you will get less interference and ultrafast speed for your gaming requirement.

Get this router if you experience any of the above-defined problems and get rid of slow wifi connectivity to enjoy your game to the fullest. Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router XR500 is the best gaming router from NETGEAR. Its price range is also affordable for your and it is available on all leading online portals for purchase. Sit back and enjoy. If you find this information good then do not forget to like and share. For more related tech news subscribe our newsletter or visit our website

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