5 Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2018

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth Speaker for your home or to enjoy music on your vacations? We are here for your help.

If your smartphone or tablet is not able to provide you enough sound quality then there are ways you can listen to quality music. One of the best ways to have high-quality music is Bluetooth speakers. Just make a connection between your smartphone and Bluetooth and have a better audio experience. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers are coming with very high power batteries that can even operate for several days after charging them fully.

Let us now look at some of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2018.

Bose SoundLink Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is small enough that you can pick it up for some vacations. But it cannot be put in a pocket. The color of the device is black and there are curves at the edge. The battery life of this wireless speaker is up to 10 hours. It’s an old Bluetooth speaker but because of its sound quality, it is still in demand. There are dual passive radiators on the speaker. The charging dock is very neat. The price of this wireless speaker is $199.

Features of Bose SoundLink Mini II

  • Built-in speaker phone
  • Connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Excellent audio quality with superb bass.
  • It is portable because of its small size.

UE Boom 2

It is the best portable Bluetooth speaker provided by UE Boom. You have to spend $200 if you want to have this speaker. A user can stream audio from any tablet or smartphone regardless of the operating system or the app used to stream audio. It is more reliable than the previous model because of its tighter weave on the fabric cover. The ports are covered by a flap that works as the icing on the cake.

Features of UE Boom 2

  • 360 degree immersive sound
  • A waterproof wireless speaker
  • Well designed
  • Connect wirelessly using UE Boom App

Creative Muvo 2C

It is a weatherproof and portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with a battery life of 6 hours. It is also the lightest speaker and it is made for you if you do not want to spend much on a speaker for listening music. You can use its 3.5 mm jack, USB, Bluetooth or micro SD card to play music. It weighs 0.35 pounds that is why we said it is a lightest wireless speaker. Enjoy your favorite music.

Features of Creative Muvo 2C

  • Small enough to carry everywhere
  • Control using the sound blaster app on your phone
  • Water resistant
  • Great bass performance

JBL Flip 4

This wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a bit heavier than its predecessor JBL Flip 3. The fabric in which it is covered is more durable with a tighter weave. There are some inside changes in the speaker like new drivers and a bigger battery that can work for 12 hours. The speaker is waterproof and can be stood horizontally or vertically. It costs $100 and also can be hanged on a backpack.

Features of JBL Flip 4

  • Connect up to 2 smartphones or tablet to stream audio
  • Access Siri or Google by pressing a single button
  • Connect 100 plus JBL Connect enabled speakers to enjoy a party
  • IPX7 waterproof wireless speaker

UE Megaboom

A bigger speaker with a bigger price of $299.99. It is an 8-inch speaker and it is twice in volume than its predecessor. It is waterproof; you can keep it in water for several minutes without any damage. It is a long-range speaker; it means from 100 feet away you can still be able to stream audios. You can turn it off and on remotely by using UE app. You will also get an alarm function with superb quality sound. If you do not care about money much and want quality then this wireless Bluetooth speaker is for you.

Features of UE Megaboom

  • Start your party amazingly with this excellent device
  • 360 degree wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • It is bold, beautiful and unbelievably light
  • Use your App to download the features like Block Party, Remove On/Off, Customizable EQ, Musical Alarm, Tap Controls and more

Choose one for you by looking at the features or which of these suits you the best. Stay updated for latest tech news.

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