Cheap Headset by Facebook “The Oculus GO”

We already have the “Oculus Rift” by Facebook which costs $400 and it also requires an expensive desktop computer to operate. So, it is not possible for everyone to have this VR headset. This is the reason Facebook has announced back in 2017 that it will soon release its new Cheap Virtual Reality Headset “Oculus Go”. This Headset will cost around $199 said by Mark Zuckerberg in its Oculus connect event.

“Oculus Go” is a standalone device which means it does not require any PC or smartphone to operate. This cheapest headset does not require any cables, so a user can pack it up and take it with them. It will be a most accessible Virtual Reality Headset and it fits between smartphone based VR headsets and Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift has not much sale just because of its High price as well as complexity. This is the reason; Facebook has decided to bring the Cheapest Headset in the market for gamers as well as casual users.

It comes with an embedded feature called venues. With this feature, a group of individual can watch live streams such as a match or movie. Virtual Reality is feature technology so Facebook is working and spending on this technology. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) would like to put more and more people in Virtual Reality.

Features of Oculus Go

The main issue faced by users of Virtual Reality users is they are complaining that looking at images through virtual reality is like looking through a screen door. This problem is resolved by this VR headset. The Facebook team said this thing will be eliminated in all new Oculus GO.

The technology embedded in the headset has a fast switch LCD display that gives a video quality resolution of 2560 * 1440. This much resolution helps in reducing the lag as you move. The lenses used in this device are even better than used in the Oculus Rift.

There is an audio facility available in the headset. Even though if you are not satisfied with the quality of audio provided with the headset then you can also connect your headphones using the present audio jack. The audio jack is of 3.5 mm.

The processor used in Oculus Go will be Snapdragon 821. The same processor is used in Google Pixel and the LG G6. It is a powerful processor so you need not to worry about the speed and reliability provided by this device.

This device also has a remote controller to control various activities and does not make your face sweat. The material used to make the device is lightweight and fabric is breathable mesh fabric. So, get ready for a comfortable Virtual Reality Headset.

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