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In late 2017, Whats App has announced that it will provide Whats App Business in 2018. Now, the business App is available for download. This is basically for business profiles. Let’s have a look at what it offers and how to set it up.

The Business App is built just for businesses offering services to customers and used by business owners only. This platform provided by Whats App lets a business owner communicate or interact with the customer effectively. It is a better way to run your business online without looking for any other online platform for your business. There are billions of users of Whats App, so as a business owner there are plethora of opportunities to expand your business. 

Is there any other App like this?

There are Apps that are meant for business owners. As an instance, Uber has an app for customers so they can ride trouble free as well as an Uber Driver, only meant for drivers who run the cabs for service. But this is an app for a particular purpose or we can say to expand a single business. But Whats App Business is a messaging app that can be used to expand any business, be it a grocery business or shoe business. 

It’s a Free Application

It is a kind of marketing place for business where there is no mid person who will communicate on your behalf. List your business and make contacts with the clients without any cost. There are no SMS charges; a user can broadcast any number of messages. It also provides information that shows you that the information came from a verified service provider. A small business does not need to develop a separate app for their business to run. It reduces the cost of running a business online.

Business Profiles

A user will get information about a business profile such as the business email or address of the store. It helps establish the nature of business on Whats App. The users do not get confused as all the businesses are verified. So, there are no chances of befooling a person.

Messaging Tools

As a business, you can enable quick replies to your customers. A user can also set greetings message for the users coming to your business profile and quick replies to the frequently asked questions. There is custom reply option to customize the reply you want to send while you are busy.

How to have Whats App Business on your phone or tablet?

Installation of the Business App is too easy. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Play Store if you have an Android Phone or App Store if you have an iOS device. In the search bar, enter Whats App Business.
  2. Click on Install button and accept terms and conditions.
  3. Enter a phone number for verification but make sure you have not used that number for Whats App earlier. Enter the business information.
  4. Start connecting with the users and monitor activities.
  5. Under the settings, you can add web address for your business, business description and some other information related to your business.

The setup is completed. Use the App to expand your business online without any cost. Read out more informational tech blogs on our website and stay updated to latest tech news.

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