Five Forthcoming technologies in year 2018

We are living in high tech world, our lives our completely surrounded by latest gadgets and technologies. In every single minute world is getting an emerging and upcoming technology. As of now we can see revolution in smart phones, laptops and other gadgets, with each passing day we are getting advance gadgets and modern technology.

Let’s talk about the upcoming technologies which are going shake our heads in year 2018.

Advance Conversational Interfaces with ‘Bots’-

In coming day’s artificial intelligence will rule the world. It is pushing the new trends in conversation between humans and computers. May be in coming years when you want to book a flight or need a room service you will get it all from ‘Bots’. Though till today it is not very successful but it will become a revolution for sure. For example we can take the name of ‘Alexa’ a voice command depended device which can provide information based on your voice command. Alexa is a virtual assistant which is developed by Amazon and it is cloud based service. Scientists are working hard to create a great UI between Bots and Humans. So wait for some more good conversational technologies in year 2018.

Five Forthcoming technologies in year 2018

Leap Motion Technology will change your motion-

Leap motion technology is a boon for gamers, this technology will give you power to control virtual reality by your hands. Sounds crazy but it is true, now next time when you want to play your favourite computer game get awesome experience with leap motion technology. This technology provides 3D motion control in virtual reality platform and gives you more realistic feel while using VR or AR. Leap motion is planning so many other advance features in this coming year for its users to give more enhanced feel of virtual reality.

Augmented Reality for enhanced experience-

Augmented Reality is a technology in which live views of any physical real world will get augmented with computer generated images over a real world view. With this technology you will be able to enhance the real world view. In this technology one can use the existing natural environment and can simply add the virtual information. This creates a new experience for augmented reality.

There are four types of available for this technology marker based augmented reality, marker less augmented reality, projection based augmented reality and superimposition based AR. This technology will change the vision of healthcare and business. With technology we will be able to best physical exam in any health issues by accessing the past records and other historical data of patient.  This AR technology will take you a step ahead for any surgical procedure. Starting from display of surgical checklist to vitals of patient will be easily accessible for the surgeon. This technology will surely reduce the risk and errors of any surgical procedure. IT will be a great advantage for human being and will surely save many lives.

Fuel generation from Air-

Can you imagine this fact? Fuel generation from the air, yes it is unbelievable but going to be true in the coming year. This is a real revolution in field of technology and it will definitely change our lives. One British firm based on Teesside is working on this revolutionary technology and has produced around 5 Litre of petrol with air fuel synthesis. With the vision of energy supply problem resolution and reduction of global warming, this technology will be a boon for us. Wait to get some good info on it in coming years.

Cars without drivers-

Driverless cars are the future of automobile industry. These autonomous cars will change the future of cars and will surely eliminate the need of car ownership and fuel consumption. These cars will surely prevent accidents and will help to ease traffic congestion. These cars will work on LIDAR (light detection and ranging technology); this is a similar technology as RADAR.  These cars will be capable to create 3D map of current environment. These driverless cars will be designed with AI and sensors; it will be able to calculate the distance from obstacles and will drive on Google Street View.

Driverless cars will give great precision and high efficiency. This will help commuters to do others things while travelling. So many companies are testing researching on driverless cars like; Google, Audi, BMW and General Motors.

Five Forthcoming technologies in year 2018

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