Latest News for Sony PlayStation 5

Are you a game lover or gaming freak then this is an important news for you? Whenever it comes to launch of any new game console or anything related to it, we start to lose our patience for pre-order bookings and specification of upcoming PlayStation. Well, it’s been a long time when Sony has introduced the PS4 for its gamers.

Around five years back Sony has revealed a game console, in that it was very much predictive that in coming years we will be able to see a high tech gaming console from Sony.

A few days back this rumor got confirmation that Sony PlayStation 5 is under research and we will be getting an announcement for launch very soon. Though design and concept are still undercover and we can just imagine that design in our thoughts. Very soon we all will get the first look Sony PlayStation 5. The launch of PS5 is very much confirmed by CEO and President, Shawn Layden as he has confirmed it with German Magazine but the company is not sharing more details about the PS5.He mentioned that it will take some more time for launch but for game lovers delay it is better than not coming at all.

Though Sony PS4 pro is still a great competitor for Microsoft’s X-Box one X and it is still a new console for the market. Sony is known for its best gaming concepts and out of the box design for gaming consoles. It is a good prediction by many analysts that Sony will see record-breaking sale and profit in 2018 for sure. But game lovers are still waiting for the new and high-tech gaming console. Let’s discuss the forthcoming features of this awesome gaming console-

Latest News for Sony PlayStation 5

Specification of Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5)-

Central Processing Unit

CPU is the heart of any gaming console and Sony is known to use advanced and high-tech CPU for its gaming devices. As the other gaming devices, PS5 will be loaded with advanced processing power which will give you the next gen experience in gaming. This gaming console will change the phenomenon of gaming with optical computing. A technology which works as faster as the speed of light. In this Internal structure of wiring and chip configuration will be based on optical waveguides instead of traditional transistors.

It is again a perception that Sony PlayStation 5 will be lass with such advanced technology to enhance the processing power. Sony PlayStation 5 will give real time feel for its game lovers as till today we cannot actually feel the games. New processor will be more enhanced and equipped to handle things like 4K gaming, and Virtual reality. CPU Company Intel is planning for their seventh-generation Core processor. Which means that competition in gaming devices will continue to be fierce. May be PS5 will get 12th core processor for its advance needs.

Latest News for Sony PlayStation 5


This Gaming console PS5, will be coming with 3D stacked memory and NRAM. Though this type of RAM are expensive but they can stack multiple layers on one another and in result they can store more data. This will be anon-volatile memory version for best experience of gaming. At the same time NRAM will keep your worry away by saving your data even the power goes off.

Graphic and Hardware of PS5

As we know Sony has released PS4 PRO, in which a second GPU was used in mix. In this gaming console the total power utilized is 4.2 teraflops with resolution of 4K (non-native). So for now it is sure that Sony PlayStation 5 will surely come with 6 teraflops of power and it will give good competition to Microsoft. But still nothing is sure, rumors are saying may be Sony Sony PlayStation 5 will be launch with 10 teraflops.

Latest News for Sony PlayStation 5

4K with UHD for PS5

In today’s era we all know that 4K resolution is going change the vision of screen resolution. Technology is coming with ultra-high definition for streaming and movies and very soon 4K will become the part of mainstream. This is absolutely sure that PS5 will surely come with 4K support.

Cloud storage for PS5

It is again a perception that Sony PlayStation 5 will use cloud storage and it will be a cloud based console. If it will happen than need of hard drive and disk will be vanished. Game lover will get more freedom to store unlimited data.

Internet Speed requirement for PS5

Yes you are right if you are thinking the same, PS5 will be requiring fastest internet for its operation.

Traditional or advanced Controller

As of now PS4 is almost a perfect console with dual shock controller which gives a real-time experience to user. So the question what you will get for PS5, may be Sony will replace the design of controller and replace the touchpad with mini projector. Sounds fantastic agreed, yes t will change the experience of gaming. This Dual- shock technology will give you additional precision and improve the control of console. May be it will come with quantum locked stick which will be able to detect the smallest movement. Sony PS5 will most likely have a portable aspect for the controller. This is an imagination, wearing a VR headset while using your controller as a smart device to control all the motions related to game.

Security and Privacy

As we know Sony has suffered with privacy and security issues in the past, to remove such old pains this time Sony is focusing on more stable type of security. Sony PlayStation 5 will come with identification and verification of user which will most probably use fingerprint authentication. With this way you will be able to play your game with more security and privacy.

We are sure with all the above specification about the Sony PS5; you are getting impatient to get this device for you. But wait is still not over, we have to wait more but this Sony gaming console will change the world of gaming for sure. It will give you more real feel of games, will take you close to the virtual reality. With 4k display resolution you will be getting awesome experience in gaming. So let’s wait and watch for this advance gaming console by Sony in 2018. For more information read our latest news and blogs on technology.

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