Setup Belkin AC1200 Router Without CD

There are so many routers options out there in market these days. If we had worked on some very good routers before it becomes intolerable to work on less than past router. If anyways we have to work on routers than what will be the solution. We at Technical help desk advise our every Belkin router users to do well setup their routers so that chances of trouble at Networking become least.

We today are introducing Belkin AC1200 Router Setup to all. In this setup process you will go to learn how to do Belkin AC1200 Router Setup without CD. So let’s get started & make your router work like never before.

  • Start by verifying your internet Connection.
  • After that you verified Internet connection, Attach devices as one.
  • In order to complete Belkin AC1200 Router Setup, Access Belkin router’s web-based setup page after that.
  • If you have modem then you need to follow above mentioned steps, in case you need to follow all of 3 steps.
  • Connect computer with modem using an Ethernet cable without installing router. Check whether modem is plugged in or not.

  • Next check whether your computer is getting internet connection by access of a website.
  • Now you already verified that modem’s Internet connection is working you now need to proceed with further Belkin AC1200 Router Setup without CD.
  • Don’t forget to unplug Modem from power socket.
  • Time to connect Modem with your Belkin Router.
  • Attach Belkin AC1200 Router with modem to WAN or Internet port of router.
  • Plug in modem and after that router with power source.
  • Now make connection of computer with any LAN or Ethernet ports of router, In case you are using wireless computer then you will need to connect it with Ethernet cable.
  • Now wait for some time until LED light become Blue.

For further points we suggest you to contact our router login support team for leftover Belkin AC1200 Router Setup without CD. It is always better to take expert advice. You can place call on Toll free number or drop a message in comment box.

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