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Belkin Router Login

In this article, we will discuss about configuration of Belkin router to get powerful wireless signals. You need to spend less time to configure the router, and more time on browsing, streaming, and gaming.


Belkin Router Login




System Requirements:

Broadband Internet connection such as a cable or

DSL modem with RJ45 (Ethernet) connection

At least one computer with an installed network interface adapter

TCP/IP networking protocol installed on each computer

RJ45 Ethernet networking cable

Internet browser

Few steps discussed below to setup Belkin Wireless Router:


: – Disconnect your modem from power supply.

: – You must have an Ethernet cable which comes with the box; you need to connect Ethernet cable between modem and router.

At the back of your router there would be a yellow internet port (WAN port), plug router into modem.



: – Now plug your modem with the power outlet and.

: – Connect the computer with the Belkin router using one extra Ethernet cable.


Belkin Router Login

: – Once you successfully connected the Belkin router with the computer please open any internet browser of your choice and type in address bar and hit enter.

: – Now it will open Belkin router setup page

It will detect the internet settings from modem and allow you to change the SSID (network name) and password of your choice.

: – Once it’s configured you can connect your devices with Belkin router and there will be no more issue while surfing, and gaming.


If in case you don’t have any extra Ethernet cable,

: – Click on Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right side on computer display, you will see your network name click on it and hit connect.

: – Launch any internet browser using ip navigation to access administrative dashboard.


Things to do with the router through Belkin Router Login:


Enabling auto update on your Belkin Router

Most of the Belkin router has the capabilities to automatically check for a new version of firmware and alerts you when it’s available. You can choose to download the new version or ignore it. By default this feature is disabled. If you want to enable it, select Enable and click apply changes.



  1. Open any web browser.
  2. In the address bar of web browser type and hit enter.
  3. Some of the router’s doesn’t require any administrative password, so just click submit.
  4. Click on advanced tab or system settings.
  5. Look for auto update firmware enabling.
  6. Select Enable and click apply changes.


Parental Control:-

Parental control allows parents to restrict the access of content to their children.

Belkin router can be configured to restrict access to the internet, email or other network services at specific days and times. Any website can easily be set to be either always blocked or always allowed.

Here are some steps to setup parental control:

  1. Open a web browser of your choice like Google chrome, Firefox.
  2. In the URL address bar, type and hit enter.
  3. Click login of the setup page.
  4. Once prompted to login, Default admin password is blank, if you have any admin password type it in and then hit submit.
  5. Look for parental control under utilities section and click on website filter.
  6. Select the best filtering option that suits your need and click apply changes.

How to Reset Belkin Router?


If you can’t access the router’s web-based setup page or forgot the router’s password, you may reset the router to its default factory settings.


Push and release the “Reset” button. The lights on the Router will momentarily flash. The “Router” light will begin to blink. When the “Router” light becomes solid again, the reset is complete.


Restoring your Router to Factory Defaults:


Press and hold the “Reset” button for at least 10 seconds, and then release it. The lights on the Router will momentarily flash. The “Router” light will begin to blink. When the “Router” light becomes solid again, the restore is complete


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