Netgear Manageable Cloud Switches

Netgear is a famous vendor in the market for Routers, Switches, Access Points, Security Cameras, Wi-Fi Systems and many other networking products. Recently, Netgear has launched various models of manageable Smart Cloud Switches. Switches are used in business or home to connect various devices to each other so that they can talk. The connection is totally wired. The difference between already existing switches and these new switches is that these are much easy to setup, monitor and manage through “Insight Mobile App”.


Insight Mobile App is a cloud based Application. This is in addition to the traditional web based management console. You do not need to open a computer and then continue with the setup process as you do in the case of traditional web-based management console. But to operate this App, you need internet access on your mobile device or tablet.

Manage your Network Effortlessly using Insight Mobile App

  • Monitor your network remotely that’s why they are called Smart Cloud Switches
  • Fast and reliable setup
  • Detects all network devices with single touch
  • No additional peripherals such as computer, server, Cloud controller is required
  • Multiple options are available to meet needs of micro, small and mid-size businesses

Netgear is trying to go beyond what a user can think. Netgear also included NAS management in these switches. These switches support IPv6, QoS and ACL and have eight copper Gigabit Ethernet ports to attach devices such as security cameras, video phones. Energy Efficient Ethernet ports are available for energy savings in the future. Traffic filtering and device prioritization are also there.

Netgear has designed these switches to ensure that your network always remains up and you can focus on your business rather than network. These are very first easy to setup and manageable switches in the market. Now, a user can manage and monitor the network from anywhere in the world by just having a mobile phone and internet connection.

If we talk about other latest switches in the market like UniFi, it has added several features but Insight has a lot more. UniFi offers multiple usage models but insight is the only cloud based application to manage the switch. A user can take premium plan for cloud storage in case of UniFi but Insight is totally free and any user with not much knowledge about the tech can operate this application. So, Netgear Smart Cloud Switches are better in every aspect.


Warranty of Insight Managed Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud Switches

  • Hardware Warranty for 5 years
  • Minimal downtime with Next-Business Day Replacement Warranty
  • 90 days Free Technical Support

Models of Insight Managed Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud Switche

  1. GC110: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP Fiber Ports
  2. GC110P: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP Fiber Ports
  3. GC510P: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP Fiber Ports
  4. GC510PP: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ High-Power Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP Fiber Ports
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