This Linksys router can provide you speed up to 5.3 Gbps !!

Linksys router EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400

linksys router with high speed

■This Linksys router is a TRI-BAND router with 8 antennas to provide you 5.3 Gbps speed.

■8 antennas are enough to cover every corner of your house.

■This router will provide same speed to different users connected to the router.

■You can enjoy fast download speed for your office and home use. Because it has MAX-STREAM’s 1.4 GHz dual-core processor.

■You can enjoy 4k streaming and VR gaming with no lag.

■It doesn’t matter how many devices you have connected to the router. It will provide maximum speed to each of them.

■To have the best experience, you can purchase a LINKSYS RE7000 which is as good as the router.


►At the back of the Linksys router, you can see 8 LAN ports. So by using these ports you can have a stable and fast connection.  File transfer speed will be 10X faster than you have before.

►You also have two USB 3.0 ports for connecting shared storage devices for back up and to connect printer.

►You will find a reset button and power on & off switch.

►One friendly advice never plug in your router and modem in a surge protector because that won’t give your router much power that it needs to function.

►Setup process is also very simple. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from your internet service provider modem to the internet port of the router.

►Then connect your WiFi enabled device to the Linksys router using the default SSID and password. Open the website HTTP:// on a browser.

►Once you have opened the website, follow the steps on the screen to setup your router.

►So, if you want a great router to change your internet experience, go for this one. The specs provided by the router are good for both home and office users.

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