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Topmost Routers of the Year 2018

Just imagine your life without internet. I think you do not want to even think of this. If the signal is weak, we easily get frustrated. A router is the networking device which is responsible for providing the internet. Wi-Fi quality relies on the...

World’s Thinnest Laptop – Acer Swift 7

Just have a thought of old times when there are big computers then there comes an era of laptops and now there is competition of manufacturing the lightest and thinnest laptop. At the starting of 2018, Acer wins the battle by launching the World’s...

Full HD Print With Zero Ink

A new technology was publicized and launched by Zink Holdings LLC at DEMO. The idea was proposed for printing the photographs digitally without using any colors or ink cartridges. It was a surprise package with durable, high definition and water...

The Top Range Extenders Of 2018

In the Year of 2018, stay connected with your loved ones over the internet. Do you face issue while staying active online? All due to router limited coverage? Bring back those wifi signals to your home network from below given Top Range extender of...

Top Wi-Fi USB Adapters for Your Home Network In 2018

Other than fast internet connection and computer, there are few technology-dedicated items that are also important for our homes. It really doesn’t matter how expensive or budget computer you purchase, firm internet connection is what we all need...

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by Alyse Doucette on Router Login Support
ASUS Router/Computer
Tech Name: Austin

Very helpful and professional. Went above and beyond, worked on all our computers and even helped fix an ongoing issue I had been dealing with for months. Very much appreciated.

by Scott B on Router Login Support
trouble shooting set up of webcam
Tech Name: Austin

Great personality - cares about the clients needs - solves tech problems - clear instructions and explanations - I am grateful to work with Austin and all the other techs - I have been using this service for over 4 years now, and they have always been there for me during tech problems. I recommend them highly.

Thank you,

Scott B

Tech Name: AUSTIN

I have dealt with (other) IT Tech support occasionally for 30 years, this has been the best experience with IT Support. They (he) resolved every issue, including malicious spyware hacks. I am sold on these guys 100%. I am 100% Texas, and had no difficulty communicating with Austin. Recommend him highly! Won't ever go back to best buy support (geek squad, or any other support folks)

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