World’s Thinnest Laptop – Acer Swift 7

Just have a thought of old times when there are big computers then there comes an era of laptops and now there is competition of manufacturing the lightest and thinnest laptop. At the starting of 2018, Acer wins the battle by launching the World’s thinnest laptop “Acer Swift 7”. The thickness of this laptop is just 0.35 inches with a black and gold aluminum body. The screen measures 14 inches and inside there is i7 core processor. With this, there is an inbuilt fingerprint sensor for the security and 4G LTE connectivity.

It is not like that you have to compromise for anything with its thinnest design. It has all the latest specification that you need in a laptop like latest processor, Windows 10 operating system etc. The laptop can be carried easily anywhere so we can say that it is portable as well as easy to handle. We can’t say that its minimum thickness causes any issue with the grip.  It can be placed on a desk despite of the rubber feet at the bottom. The palm rest is spacious but we can have issue with its battery backup as it is only 2770 mAh. There are two USB 3.0 ports and one microphone or headphone jack. There is no backlit on the keyboard so there is difficulty in operating the laptop in the night. You will get a great sound from down firing speakers. An 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD storage is provided in this laptop.

laptop acer swift 7

The keyboard is very responsive though. The backspace key on the laptop is little small then we have seen in many of the latest laptops. The tilde key is between the letter A and Caps lock key. There is no left and right button on the mouse, it is flat. So, if you want the feel of left and right button on the mouse then sorry you won’t get this. For the left click you need to tap once and for right click you need to tap twice. A SIM card slot is there with the USB ports. It is a fan less device with a weight of 1.09 kg.

laptop acer swift 7

Performance of Acer Swift 7 Laptop

The laptop can easily handle everyday tasks such as video streaming, browsing, editing texts etc. Even you can play old games and you will get a good response. Multitasking makes the processor bit slow and push it to 100 % usage. A user can easily upgrade the wireless chip and storage drive. The laptop is available in the US priced at $1099, in the UK priced at 1330 EUR and in India priced at Rs. 94,555. If you do not care about the price much and need a noise free, easy to handle laptop then go for it.

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