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A new technology was publicized and launched by Zink Holdings LLC at DEMO. The idea was proposed for printing the photographs digitally without using any colors or ink cartridges. It was a surprise package with durable, high definition and water resistant photos. The technology led to a great reformation of the inkjet printers. It was the First digital printing technology that moved the entire available portable printers.

Zink printing take less than a minute to print photographs of different sizes i.e. it can print on 2X3 inch, 3X4 inch and also on 4X6 inch paper sizes. This Zero or No Ink Technology can be encompassed in various products that can be used for daily purposes like in printers, cameras, etc. The main feature of Zink technology is that it purveys value proposition that is easy to handle, economical, effective and environment friendly.  It does not use any ink toner, ribbons or cartridges.

With Zink printing technology there is no overhead involved of running out of ink and also the printer is small enough that it can be easily implanted portable machines or other instruments. Other main advantage of Zink Printer is that one doesn’t have to organize any space for encountering ink cartridges and ribbons as involved in inkjet printers.   Colorless printing is more efficient and less expensive technology than other traditional printing technologies.

Zero Ink

The main concept used by Zink Imaging Technology is drenching the Zink paper with some colorless dye crystals which will show the correct colors when treated with heat. Zink paper constitutes of mainly four different layers. First layer is called as a base layer which is normally clear or white. The rest of the three layers are a colored layer which corresponds to three different colors that are cyan, yellow and magenta. For the layers to be visible it is treated with heat pulses of particular temperature for a specific duration. When the heat is passed over these layers, then there are almost 300 small heaters that handle the heating process per square inch. As the layers get down from top to bottom the temperature at which the heater will run decreases and the amount of time for which it will work increases. That is for Cyan color layer it will take more time and lowest temperature and vice versa for yellow. It has a capacity to show millions of different colors. The prints obtained with Zink printing are accurate, precise, clean, water proof, resistant to heat and durable. So, one should not be concerned related to the quality and preciseness of the images.

Zink Imaging technology is therefore, an advanced, colorless and inkless product for digitally printing images with high quality in a very less amount of time. The image thus obtained is heat resistant, durable and water proof.

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