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  • Steps to follow If Arlo is not recording videos –

    1.See if there is any update for that camera .
    2.Check the mode settings of that particular camera to confirm that video recording is enable .
    3.Make sure cameras are in armed mode.
    4.Try power cycling your base station.
    5.Last thing you can try by resetting the base station and re-sync your camera .

    Still not working try calling us on our Toll Free :- 1-800-603-4024 and you can get advance assistance from our level 5 arlo technician .


  • In this case first of all you need to check the batteries of camera’s and if they are good then go ahead and restart the arlo base station , open the arlo app on your phone or visit arlo.netgear.com on your computer and login to your account , now check out the motion settings of your cameras . Afterwards your cameras will start detecting the motions and recordings of motions detected. All good to go and still if you face any issues call us at 1800-603-4024 and we will help you out.


Written by jondarcey
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