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  • Setting your HP deskjet 3512 on wifi –

    1.On printer go to settings Using arrow keys.
    2.Select setup.
    3. Select Network setting.
    4.Go with wireless protected setup.
    5.Press wps on your router for 3 seconds then release it.
    6.Hit start on printer .
    7.You will see connected to network ,Hit ok.
    8.On your computer go to control panel >devices and printers.
    9.Add printer .
    10.It will detect it online and select it it will install printer for you .
    If this doesn’t work go to this links https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ install full drivers and it will install the printer for you .
    For Sannce DVR camera I will suggest to taking support from sannce or You can call us because these camera need some IP configuration which is not easy to do.Rather then doing it yourself its better to get it done by some professional .
    You can still follow the manual here http://c-sannce.com/upload/file/Network-DVR-User-Manual(R1.0).pdf

Written by Ray Johnson
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