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  • You can follow these steps to set up your Tplink ArcherC20i router:-
    >Press the reset button of the router for 30 seconds while it's powered on.
    >Now you need to wait for the router lights to get stable.
    >Once the lights get stable connect any one of your wireless or wired devices with your router and do the setup process by following the instructions given in steps.
    >After completion of setup reboot your router and then after the lights get stable try to go online so that we come to know router setup done correctly.
    If you still face any issues, do reply us back so that we can help you with that.
    >Once router lights get solid connect your devices to the router network and try to go online so that we can make that setup done successfully.

  • >Turn ON your tplink router
    > Connect the Ethernet cable between modem and your tplink router (make sure cable should be connected to the internet slot of the router)
    > Now connect your computer or smartphone with the Tplink Router's wifi network
    > open your browser
    > type this address:- https://tplinkwifi.net or
    > Enter your login information( default username and password is admin for both)
    > Now follow the instructions and complete the setup process.

  • 1. Log in Archer C2( or Archer C20i)’s web interface by inputting or tplinklogin.net (username and password are admin by default)
    2. Correct the Time Settings to match your local time( choose your own Time Zone; click on Get from PC—click on Save)
    3. Go to Host, click on Add new, choose Mode as Ip address ( you may also choose MAC Address of the PC1 as well)——Description can be something you like. Ip address is in the example’s case; Port can be blank—click on save.
    4. Go to Target—add new—–choose the mode as URL ADDRESS—-Description can be something you like;input the http://www.microsoft.com? in the Add URL Address—click on Add–save
    5. Go to schedule—click on add new–Description can be something you like; choose start time and end time as 08:00 to 18:00 —click on add—save.
    6. Go to Rule, click on Enable Internet access control, choose Allow the packets not specified by any filtering rules to pass through this device—-click on Add new; Description can be something you like; choose the Lan host,Target,Schedule as what you have created.
    Rule should be Deny and Direction choose OUT, Protocol choose ALL; Status choose Enabled—save

  • Put router into operation.
    Establish a connection between the device and the router via network cable or Wi-Fi*
    Open browser.
    Enter URL or IP address in the address bar and confirm with 'Enter' key.

  • *How do i setup my Tplink Archer C20i Router?
    step 1: First on your tplink router.
    step 2:Then connect the ethernet cable between the modem and the TPlink router.
    step 3: Now connect your smartphone or computer with the tplink routers wifi.
    step 4: After this all you need to open the browser which you are using an then on the long address bar you need to type the ip address of your tplink router.
    step 5: Enter your login username and password. (default one we can also use as admin for both of the username and the password)
    step 6: Now follow thw process and complete the setup process.

Written by Robert Ribbing
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