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  • We can connect brother printer through the wps option and for that we need to follow some steps:-

    > Turn On your Brother printer and make sure your printer should be with in the 15 ft from the main router(just for the configuration )
    > Go to the main menu
    > then select network
    > after that go to the wlan option
    > you will see there wps option that you have to select
    > Now we have to press and hold the wps button from the asus router for 3 seconds and then release it.
    > after that printer is going to connect with the wifi network, once its say connected
    it means that printer is on the wireless network.


  • In order to connect your Brother Printer to the Asus Router, Please follow the Steps below:

    Step 1 (WPS Setup)
    > Go into the Settings of the printer and Look for Network Settings
    > Look For Wireless Setup
    > Click on Wifi Protected Setup and then Click on push button Setup and Hit Start
    > Press and hold the WPS button on the Asus Router for 3 Seconds
    > Within 2 Minutes You will see the Network Status as Connected on the printer and then Printer is Connected to the Network Wirelessly.

    Step 2 (Wireless Setup or Manual Setup)
    > Go into the settings on the printer
    > Click on Network Settings
    > Click On Wireless Setup
    > Goto Wireless Setup wizard
    > Select your Wifi name from your Asus Router and hit Next and Enter your
    Wifi password
    > In a few seconds, you will see the status Connected to the network.


Written by Kevin Hodgson
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