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  • we need to login into the router settings and for that we have to follow some steps:-
    > Connect your computer with the router's network
    > open your browser
    > type this address:- https://router.asus.com or
    > type your existing username and password( default information is admin for both)
    > once you are logged in , From the left hand side, Go to the Administration tab
    > Under system tab , you can change your username and password and then save the settings

    if you forgot your login username and password, in that case you need to reset your router and reconfigure it again


  • To change your Wi-Fi password router you need to follow few steps:
    > Connect your Computer or Laptop with router's network
    > Open browser page and type Default Ip address for your ASUS router
    in URL address bar . ( Default IP address: )
    > Type username and password
    ( Username: admin Password: admin )
    > Click on Wireless option
    > Change password for both bands and Save changes and Apply .
    > Now your router password is changed.

    Thank you for writting us.


Written by melissa keller
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