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  • firstly make sure that you have to connect antenna at the top of your device .after that connect power cable to your device
    -for setup place your extender near to your router in wall shockit
    -after that wait for sometime till the light gets solid
    -connect your device like smartphone computer or which ever you want to connect via range extender ssid set by default
    -open any browser and type ip adress as default address
    -click on setup wizard
    -click on the box given next to the statement which tells licence agreement when you confirm these box then it means you have agreed to the terms and conditions of range extender
    -in case of dual band network an ssid of both both the band will appear on the screen .if you dont find any network then refresh network list
    after that a page with spot finder comes on your screen.this will let you check the signal strength is poor move the router closer to range extender otherwise clicvk on connect
    -enter wifi pasword and go ahead
    -you now need to configure the extender network if you are using 2.5 ghz the name will automatecally get created according toi 2.4 ghz band if you are using 5 ghz band then name will setr accordingly you can change name any time
    last step is now you requred to set a strondg pasword for your range extender . if you dont want any sequrity then you can leave this step
    in this way your extender will get configured on exesting wireless network


Written by Melissa Christmas
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