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  • > First of all, make sure your belkin extender is properly plugged in into the power socket and your computer or smartphone is within the range of the extender which means your device should be in 40 ft. from the extender
    > if it still not showing up then press and hold the reset button on your extender for at least 30 seconds and then release it while its plugged in to the power.
    > and then wait for the lights come up
    > now the network should show up on your device.
    > once you see your belkin's network then you can configure your extender again and for that follow these steps:-
    > connect your computer or smartphone with the belkin extender's network
    > Now open your web browser and type this address:- https://belkin.range or
    > It will take you to the belkin page and from there click on Start setup option
    > then follow the instructions and complete the setup process
    > once your extender is configured then you can connect your wireless devices with the extender's network.
    we can also configure our extender with the wps option
    and for that we need to press and hold the wps button for atleast 3 seconds and with in 2 minutes press and hold the wps button from your main router for atleast 3 seconds and wait for the lights to get stable on the extender.


Written by john quin
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