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  • You can follow these steps to setup your Dlink router:-
    *If You made any kind of changes press the reset button of the router for 30 seconds while it's powered on.
    >Now you need to wait for the router lights to get stable.
    >Once the lights get stable connect any one of your wireless or wired devices then login into the router page by typing or http://dlinkrouter.local in the long address bar of your browser(default password admin).
    >After completion of setup reboot your router and then after the lights get stable try to go online so that we come to know router setup done correctly.
    >Once router lights get solid connect your devices to the router network and try to go online so that we can check that setup done successfully.

  • > First of all ,connect your Dlink router with the modem using an ethernet cable and make sure cable is connected in the internet slot at the back side of the dlink router.
    > turn On your dlink router
    > connect your computer with the router's network
    > open your browser and type this address:-
    > Now if its asking for the login information then type admin for username and password
    > then follow the instructions and complete the setup process
    > once your router is configured then you can connect your wireless devices with the router's network

Written by Claude Gingras
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